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What Is Thread Lift Treatment?

    What Is Thread Lift Treatment?

    A Thread Lift treatment in Mumbai is a minimally invasive procedure that works by inserting clinical-grade threads into your skin and then extending the thread to “pull” your skin up. A thread lift is a daycare treatment. It is an excellent alternative to a surgical facelift and ideal for anyone in their late 30s or for someone who has just started to notice the signs of aging.

    The brow, cheeks, under-eye region, and eyebrow are generally the regions of the face where a thread lift can be done. You have the choice of focusing on only one area or targeting various areas at a time. The recovery time is short, and you could do it during your lunch break.

    The number of threads required is determined by the doctor based on the client’s expectations, their age, the amount of sagging, and the amount of lift needed. PHI clinic in Mumbai has experts who can perform the best thread lift treatment in Mumbai


    The procedure for thread lift may be slightly different depending on the area you’re targeting as well as your provider’s preferences. The basic technique is usually the same.

    1. A topical anesthetic will be applied to your skin for about 30 minutes to prepare it for the procedure.

    2. The expert doctor will mark the entry points for the threads to be inserted.

    3. A thin needle or cannula will be used to insert the threads underneath your skin.

    4. After the threads are inserted, the needle or cannula shall be withdrawn leaving the thread inside.

    5. The entire procedure is usually completed in 60-90 minutes.

    • For the best thread lift treatment in Mumbai, the PHI clinic present you with some of the benefits:

    1. Instant Lift

    2. Less Healing Time

    3. Suitable for Everyone

    4. Address Other Personal Concerns

    5. Long Term Result