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PHI Clinic

Hair Treatments

Achieve radiant skin at PHI Clinic with expert care and dedication. Tailored solutions for scars, pigmentation and other imperfections. Advanced treatments including Medicated Facials, Chemical Peels, and Lasers. Supervised by experienced doctors in a secure environment. We use advanced US FDA approved equipments such as Hollywood Spectra Q Switch Laser and Sopra Titanium Laser Hair Removal to perform every treatment safely. Flaunt luminous, hydrated, and toned skin.


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    Skin Concerns

    Hair Fall

    A little hair loss every day is normal but when you start losing hair to the limit of going bald, it can get very distressing.

    Hair Thinning

    Hair thinning refers to minor to moderate hair loss. Unlike severe hair loss, hair thinning might not lead to baldness. However, your hair…


    It’s normal to lose some hair from your scalp each day. But if your hair is thinning or shedding faster than usual, you may be balding.


    Are you scared to wear black, fearing your dandruff will show on your shirt or your dress? Is your scalp constantly itchy and flaky?