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PHI Clinic


About Us

PHI Clinics in Mumbai

PHI SKIN AND HAIR CLINIC is India’s top Cosmetic Clinic for Hair, Skin and Body Aesthetics.

PHI SKIN AND HAIR CLINIC is renowned for its anti-aging solutions. Walk-in with a problem and walk out with a solution.

If Beauty is on your Mind, PHI SKIN AND HAIR CLINIC is your remedy.

Beauty PHI yourself in a luxurious setting under the most experienced hands using the safest and most advanced technologies that are FDA approved.

PHI SKIN AND HAIR CLINIC is in the forefront of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic solutions.

WE CARE: We understand that CARE is CURE. Hence, we put our best efforts to make all our clients feel at home by making compassion, warmth, affection and understanding an indispensable part of our values.

HOLISTIC APPROACH: We understand that Medicine is a Science and it’s Practice an Art. Our experts strive to analyze the underlying causes of an issue and treat them rather than just treating the symptoms.

CUSTOMIZED TREATMENTS: We are firm believers of the fact that Every person is Unique and Blanket treatments don’t work for everyone. Hence personal attention is given to every client at PHI.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: We believe in setting a high benchmark for our services. It is our constant endeavor to bring in the latest technology and treatments to the clinic.

HYGIENE: We know that Cleanliness is crucial for maintaining high standards in medical practice. It also contributes to a healthy workforce. We make sure that our clinic is sterilized at regular intervals and well cleansed at all times.

ETHICS: We believe in working with Honesty, Integrity and Commitment towards healing our patients. We understand confidentiality is the backbone of our practice and hence your reports or treatments prescribed, are never disclosed to any other person without your permission.