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Injection Lipolysis

Injection Lipolysis

Injection Lipolysis

Injection Lipolysis is a non-surgical minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for fat reduction. This REVOLUTIONARY treatment is aimed at dissolving and destroying fat cells in the face, arms, or lower abdomen without surgery. Injection Lipolysis is great for body contouring.

PHI uses only FDA-approved products, procedures, and treatments. Our team of plastic surgeons, cosmetologists, and dermatologists are certified and licensed to conduct injection lipolysis. At PHI, your safety and beauty is our priority.

Depending on the amount of fat deposit, you can redefine a part of your body in just 1-2 sittings.

In order to have the best results you may need to have up to 6 sessions, 4-5 weeks apart, but it also depends on the problem.

After the treatment, your skin will look more youthful and firm while you also have fat loss.

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