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      Our Hair Fall Treatment Results

      "Hair loss, whether it is hair loss in men or hair loss in women, is a common problem globally. Men face balding whereas women commonly face thinning of hair. Hair fall happens in stages and if action is taken in time, it can be curbed. When it comes to hair loss, “a stitch in time saves nine.” The most common reasons for hair loss are lack of the right vitamins & nutrients or reduced blood supply to the hair follicle.

      At PHI CLINICS, we have pioneered in treating hair loss and balding with our DENSIPHI™ range of treatments. Our treatments are the most advanced and globally recognized, US-FDA-approved.

      Our Hair fall treatments include

      • Hair GFC
      • QR678
      • Hair Mesotherapy
      • Hair Booster Therapy
      • Scalp peel

      Why choose PHI


      Experienced team of Doctors

      15+ years experienced team of cosmetologists, dermatologists, trichologists & plastic surgeons

      US FDA Approved Treatments

      Safe and effective treatments with long term results

      Trained team of technicians

      Certified technicians and therapists

      Affordable Luxury

      1300 sq.ft. Super specialty skin and hair clinic

      New Age Advanced Technology

      Globally renowned, latest machines with proven results

      WE CARE philosophy

      Customer first approach

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