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Fat Reduction

Having a healthy amount of fat shouldn’t be discouraged. However, like anything in excess is bad, so is excessive fat. Not only does it damage one’s self-esteem, but it is also very unhealthy and could lead to other severe health conditions.

What causes excessive fat deposits?
It is common to comment on someone who is excessively fat, as being lazy but this is a very careless comment. It is very important to be sensitive about excessive fat as the causes of it could greatly vary, ranging from genetics to serious chronic medical conditions. Accumulation of excess fat happens when the body is unable to burn the calories at the same level at which they are ingested. The body thus ends up storing these extra calories in the form of fat. Some of the causes of excessive fat deposits are:

  • Genetics can have a big impact on your body structure and health. How your body stores and processes calories could depend greatly on your genes.
  • Obesity is often hereditary but it is not just limited to shared genetics but also because of co-habiting and shared eating habits.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices like poor eating habits, lack of proper sleep, over-consumption of alcohol, lack of exercise, could all lead to excessive fat accumulation.
  • Lack of exercise is sometimes a result of a medical complication like arthritis, which could further lead to excessive fat accumulation
  • Certain medical conditions, like lipoedema, which occurs mainly in overweight women, cause excessive fat to accumulate in the legs, thighs, upper arms, and buttocks.
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Fat Reduction

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