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What is it?

Vampire Facial is an excellent treatment for a more youthful-looking skin that is smooth and fresh. It involves using your own body cells to reduce or even eliminate wrinkles and scars.
Vampire Facial helps you achieve natural youthful skin without using fillers or Botox. In the cosmetic world, it is also known as a ‘Vampire Facelift’, as it makes your own blood work for you to restore your youth.


  • Consultation with our experienced and qualified cosmetologist who will understand your concern.
  • It is a 3 step medical treatment where blood is first drawn from your arm and fed into a sealed test tube.
  • Your platelets are then separated and boosted with actives.
  • This renewed plasma is re-injected into the layers of your face by our experienced and qualified dermatologist.
  • It is crucial to have the right doctor for face PRP, as the right layer and depth is of utmost importance.


The effects of the treatment usually start showing after 3 sessions. Depending on the number of sittings and the skin care routine you follow, results may last up to a year.

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