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The Importance of Consultation Before Undergoing Any Cosmetic Procedure


    Cosmetic procedures are also known as plastic surgeries or aesthetic surgeries. These procedures have gained wide popularity and acceptance in recent years. People are in search of treatments that enhance their appearance and boost their confidence.

    People want to improve their facial features and make positive changes in their lives. Our body is our responsibility and it is entirely acceptable to seek improvements according to our comfort.

    Over time, people have shown growing acceptance towards cosmetic procedures. These procedures can be anything from minor tweaks to major transformations.

    One should always consider consulting a doctor before undergoing any cosmetic procedure due to following reason:

    • Safety First:
      Your health should always be your top priority. Before undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure, consult a doctor. Any kind of negligence can lead to significant problems. Ensure your doctor is aware of your entire medical history and also you are aware of the potential risks associated with the procedure.
    • Professional Advice:
      Cosmetic procedure specialists have expertise and vast amount of knowledge within their field that they can share with you. Through careful evaluation of your desired results, they communicate achievable results and suggest appropriate treatments or alternative options. Consider them as your dedicated beauty consultants.
    • Personalised Treatment Plan:
      Each individual has unique body characteristics. A treatment plan that suits one person may not be suitable for another. By consulting a doctor, you will receive a treatment plan that is specifically designed according to your body structure, facial features, skin type and overall health.
    • Risk Analysis:
      Like any other medical procedure, even cosmetic procedures have potential risks and complications. A doctor will thoroughly help you understand the procedure, potential risks, recovery and any long-term implications associated with it. Consultation is important as it will help you make informed decisions.
    • After Procedure Care:
      Once the treatment is completed you should continue with the follow-ups as post-operative care is important for optimal recovery. A doctor will guide you through the necessary aftercare such as changes in medication, wound care and more. They will ensure that you have a smooth healing process and support you throughout your transformation journey.

    Prepare a checklist for your consultation:

    1. Create a questionnaire:
    Make a list of concerns that you have about the procedure, risks, recovery, scars, or anything else that you want to know about. In addition to surgical questions, it is completely normal to ask about your treating doctor’s qualification, training and experience in a polite way.

    This ensures that all the important questions are addressed during the consultation process, making it clearer and more comprehensive.

    2. Be informed:
    Do research about potential cosmetic procedures to familiarise with the terminology used for a specific treatment hence it will help in making the conversation easier. Social media can provide helpful insights but ensure that you search through reputable sources that have reliable data on it

    Prepare a checklist for your consultation

    3. Let the doctor know your goal:
    Collect references or images of the results you expect post-procedure and bring them to the consultation. This will help the doctor understand your perception better. Keep in mind that while references are helpful, you may not achieve the exact result as each individual has a unique anatomy. During the consultation, you can ask your surgeon to show you examples of their previous surgeries. Based on these, you can make informed decisions about whether you are satisfied with their results and wish to proceed with the same doctor or explore other options.

    Your Body, Your Decision:
    We strongly believe in “Your Body, Your Decision” at PHIClinics. We believe that it’s the individual’s choice whether they want to make certain changes to their body or not. A person is responsible for their own body and should make decisions according to their own will. This reinforces that decision making should be driven by an individual’s desires, goals and personal values rather than external forces or expectations.

    Consultation is important as it is the first step towards a cosmetic procedure. Therefore, go into your consultation well-prepared to ensure that your meeting goes productive and enlightening.

    To schedule a consultation at PHI Clinic, call us at 919167167312. We are looking forward to help you out with your cosmetic procedure journey.