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Morning routine for a glowing skin

    Morning routine for a glowing skin

    The secret to glowing skin is not in any makeup palette. Rather, achieving a glow that looks as if you’ve had a fresh facial requires a combination of glowing skin products and a regular morning routine. Your skin will not truly glow unless your entire body is healthy from the inside out. PHI Clinic will help you get perfectly toned, moisturised, and radiant skin. Here are some of the glowing skin tips advised by the PHI CLINIC experts:

    • Warm lemon water with honey is great for your skin

    Lemon water and honey help you lose and empty out toxins from your body. Lemon contains vitamin C, which gives your face a natural glow while honey keeps your skin moisturised from within. This drink aids in colon cleansing and the elimination of undigested food and toxins from the body. It is one of the simplest tips for enhancing your skin glow.

    • Ice Therapy

    When you get up in the morning, your skin might seem usually puffy and dull. Rubbing ice cubes on your face reduces puffiness surrounding the eyes and also gives your face a natural glow. In case you do not have an ice roller, you can wrap an ice cube in a cloth and apply it to your face in circular motions. Make sure you do not rub the cloth on your face, rather gently dab it on your skin.  

    • Nutritious breakfast

    There are few easily available foods that can be consumed during breakfast for healthy skin. Citrus fruits, yoghurt, green tea, almonds, spinach, chia seeds and sunflower seeds, cucumber are some of them. Include a mixture of nutritious food supplies in your breakfast according to your preferences. This is one of the most basic and essential glowing skin tips that everyone should know. 

    • Water 

    Drinking an appropriate amount of water in the morning as well as throughout the day improves your skin tone and prevents premature ageing like wrinkles, fine lines, etc. It helps to promote a healthier gut which means clearer skin. If you cannot have raw water as soon as you wake up, you can also use mint leaves, basil, lemon, ginger, etc, according to your preferences to add a flavour to the water. 

    • Moisturiser and sunscreen are a must

    After the morning face wash and cleansing, your face might look dry. So in order to make sure that it does not dry out further, apply a light layer of moisturiser. Sunscreen is important for protection even if you are staying indoors. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays and prevents premature ageing. It will enhance the health of your skin. You can buy glowing skin products from PHIMEDY according to your skin type. 

    • Workout

    Getting some exercise first thing in the morning can do wonders for your skin. Aerobic exercise is a great approach to get rid of toxins and give your skin and body a boost of oxygen. So maybe skipping the gym and getting some fresh air is a good idea. This might be tiring initially, but it will soon make you feel energised and active throughout the day. Your face will glow naturally.

    The Skincare regime and the glowing skincare products might vary from person to person but all that matters is how effectively and consistently you implement the routine into your life. Include these healthy behaviours in your morning routine or consult the experts at PHI Clinic for personalised skincare tips, and you’ll notice a difference in your skin.