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What is it?

Micro needling is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for hair regrowth or new hair growth. As we age, our hair follicles become dormant and the scalp loses its collagen. Yes, you read right even the scalp has collagen and that’s what makes derma rollers essential for hair health. Micro- needling is a great way to stimulate the natural production of collagen through self-healing. Microneedles lead to tiny micro abrasions on the scalp that the body heals naturally by stimulating collagen production. This also brings blood flow and nutrients to the scalp that supports hair growth. Phi Cosmetics uses only FDA approved and clinically tested Derma Roller or derma pen.



∙Consultation with our experienced and qualified dermatologist/ trichologist who will understand your concern.

∙Scalp is cleansed and a topical anaesthetic is applied to ensure patient comfort.

∙Then needles are rolled or stamped on the scalp using a derma pen or derma roller.

∙Post that the area is cleansed again or active components are applied and you are good to go.

∙You may experience a slight redness or swelling on your skin for a couple of days.



You will see visibly  brighter and even skin right after your first session. However to get the desired result, the doctor will tell you exactly how many sessions would be required as per the severity of your concern.