If all the diets and the exercises in the world just won’t burn that stubborn fat, then we recommend the highly advanced liposuction treatment at PHI. Liposuction is a surgical cosmetic procedure that reshapes areas of the body by removing excess fat and improving body contours.

It is a permanent solution to get rid of stubborn fat from your arms, tummy, thighs, buttocks, or any part of your body. Liposuction requires the mastery skills of a skilled sculptor who understand body contouring and body aesthetics. Our team of plastic surgeons, cosmetologists, and dermatologists are certified and licensed to conduct Liposuction.

PHI uses only FDA-approved products, procedures, and treatments. We abide by the highest levels of safety and ethical standards. At PHI Cosmetics, your safety and beauty are our priorities.


  • Some liposuction procedures may require only local or regional anesthesia while other procedures may require general anesthesia.
  • The surgical team will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level throughout the procedure.
  • This procedure uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck.
  • Liposuction also shapes these areas.
  • The procedure may last up to several hours, depending on the extent of fat removal.
  • If you’ve had general anesthesia, you’ll spend at least a few hours in the clinic so that medical personnel can monitor your recovery.


Liposuction results are generally long-lasting as long as you maintain your weight. The results are usually seen a few weeks post-surgery, once the surgical swelling reduces.

Other names for liposuction include lipoplasty and body contouring.


  1. Tumescent liposuction.
  2. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction.
  3. Laser-assisted liposuction.
  4. Power-assisted liposuction.