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People of every age and skin type are concerned about pores but if you have suddenly started noticing large open pores on your face and want to get rid of them, there are ways to make these large open pores less visible. Just having pores is not a problem but the problem appears when these pores start getting bigger.

Pores can get stretched out when they’re clogged with dirt, oil, dead skin cells, or other debris. After a bout of acne, it is possible that your pores have started to appear larger than before. Pores also enlarge when the skin loses collagen due to ageing or even sun damage. Loss of collagen could also happen after menopause. Healthy levels of collagen tighten the pores while the loss of collagen tends to loosen the skin and thus loosen the grip around the pores, making them larger.

large open pores

Treatment options for large open pores

When it comes to large open pores, there isn’t any open and shut treatment that will make the pores grow smaller. The treatments will, however, help clean out your pores, making them appear smaller and with new collagen production and healthier skin, the pores will tighten up, again giving them the appearance of being smaller.

At PHI Clinic, we believe in taking a holistic approach to skin-care and we will carefully plan with you, with a combination of skin-care routines, dietary plans, medicines, and any invasive or non-invasive treatment plans, as needed. Some of our treatments that can be used individually or could be combined with other treatment options are as follows:

  • Chemical peels help clean the surface of the skin layer, while deeply exfoliating and making the skin appear younger and healthier. This treatment method could be combined with other treatment options like laser treatments, depending on your skin needs
  • Laser resurfacing treatment could also be used for those with a lot of large open clogged pores where the upper layer of skin will be completely removed, and the middle layer will be tightened to make the skin appear healthier and younger.

To understand in-depth about all the treatment options ranging from non-invasive, non-surgical to surgical options, if any, please contact us, and our experts will personally guide you through the treatments for large open pores.