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How To Get Dark Circles Treated At Clinic?

    How To Get Dark Circles Treated At Clinic?

    Dark circles appear as a light to dim brown or dark pigmentation around the eyes because of the collection of melanin. Also called periorbital hyperpigmentation, dark circles are usually not a sign of any medical issue.


    Although dark circles under your eyes are generally regularly brought about stress, there are different causes also, including:

    · Fatigue

    · Lack of sleep

    · Strain on eyes

    · Excessive rubbing of eyes

    · Genetics

    · Excessive sun exposure

    · Dehydration

    One more reason for dark circles is the regular maturing process. At the point when you age, you will quite often lose fat and collagen and make your under-eye area appear darker and sunken. Additionally, as individuals age, they regularly foster puffy eyelids or hollows under their eyes. At times, these actual changes cast shadows that appear to be dark circles under the eyes.

    • How to get rid of dark circles and search for the dark circle clinic in Mumbai?

    Here are probably the best dark circle treatments in Mumbai at PHI CLINIC, which can assist you with treating this condition:

    Medicated Under eye Peels: Advanced medicated peels can be a great first line of treatment to help lighten the dark circles. Under-eye peels contain mild exfoliating agents which lead to rejuvenated under-eye skin. Our experts will recommend you the best suitable under-eye peel for your dark circle treatment in Mumbai at PHI CLINIC.

    Under-eye Laser Treatment: Advanced laser technology is used by PHI experts to treat both superficial and deep pigmentation around the eyes. Lasers work by breaking down the melanin pigment in the under-eye area. Lasers can also aid in increasing collagen formation and rejuvenation, resulting in a visible reduction in dark circles. PHI CLINIC has FDA-approved lasers for dark circle treatment with proven results and high safety standards.

    Under-eye PRP Treatment: Under-eye PRP treatment, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, is a non-surgical solution for treating under-eye circles. In the PRP process, the platelet-rich plasma containing growth factor is used. This treatment boosts skin regeneration and repair and has a positive effect on skin quality and can contribute to a decrease in visible signs of skin aging.

    Fillers For Dark Under Eye Circles: Dermatologists use hyaluronic acid-based fillers to fill in the void or tear trough under the eyes in this advanced treatment. It aids in reducing the impact of shadowing

    and eliminating the tired appearance. Fillers is one of the best dark circle treatments in Mumbai at PHI CLINIC.