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How to care for Dark under eyes?

    How to care for Dark under eyes?

    Dark under eyes or panda eyes can be the worst nightmare in one’s life. One of the most prominent causes of the formation of dark circles is an unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, leading a healthy lifestyle that includes a well-balanced diet, adequate rest, and exercise can improve one’s physical and mental health which will eventually reduce the appearance of dark circles. You can try home remedies to enhance the results of professional sessions for dark under-eye treatment in Mumbai.

    There are a few basic home remedies that can assist in dealing with dark circles. 

    • Almond oil massage

    Almond oil has a lot of value and benefits for healing the delicate skin around your eyes. It can eliminate dark circles if used religiously. In order to get rid of dark circles, vitamin E oil can also be used instead of almond oil.

    • Raw Potato

    Raw potato contains natural bleaching capabilities that can aid in the removal of puffiness around the eyes by lightening dark circles. You can extract the juice by grating the raw potato and applying it for 10-15 minutes. 

    • Rose Water

    Rosewater gives a very soothing effect to the eyes and helps to reduce puffiness. It acts as a rejuvenating toner for your skin, which effectively treats dark under eyes. It can be combined with glycerine, argan oil, or sandalwood to give a more effective result. 

    • Tea Bags

    Cold tea bags are used to improve the appearance of your eyes. Caffeine and antioxidants present in tea help to increase blood circulation and retain the moisture beneath the skin. 

    If your dark circle problem is a hereditary or genetic issue, addressing it regularly is critical, since leaving it untreated might exacerbate the problem. There are a lot of dark under-eye treatment clinics in Mumbai which can help you to come to a solution for dark circles. At PHI Clinic, we provide a variety of dark circle treatments in Mumbai, ranging from non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures.

    • Medicated Undereye Peels

    This treatment helps to exfoliate the skin and shed dead cells in the process, revealing healthier and younger-looking skin. It involves removing the damaged outer layers of the skin using a medicated solution to improve the texture and tone of the skin. It is one of the simplest dark under-eye treatments in Mumbai.

    • Micro-needling

    This is a collagen-inducing procedure that helps to lower puffiness and dark circles. It is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and eye bags beneath the eyes. Microneedling under your eyes can be combined with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections to stimulate new cell growth and promote healing. Microneedling with serums containing vitamin A or vitamin C boost their results.

    • Spectra Q-Switched Laser

    This treatment aids in the creation of new collagen with the help of heat energy to target damaged cells. The efficiency of laser treatments varies based on the type of dark circles to be treated. The lasers break down the pigment in the under-eye region to reveal luminous skin. At PHI CLINIC, we use US-FDA-approved technology to ensure long-term results.

    • Under-eye Fillers

    Under Eye, fillers are used to make the tear trough or under-eye area appear brighter and plumper while reducing the under-eye shadowing. Under-eye fillers are effective for people with dark under-eye hollows due to genetics or ageing. They can also be a great solution for anyone who has naturally sunken, hollow eyes. Overall they make you appear youthful and less tired.

    Dark circles vary from person to person and hence the treatment for the same has to be done accordingly. If you want to be treated for dark circle treatment in Mumbai, discuss your alternatives with a doctor before deciding on any cosmetic operation as these treatments have a longer recovery time. You can approach PHI Clinic for dark circle treatment in Mumbai. Our experts will assist you in understanding all of your treatment options and developing a strategy for the optimal approach for your skin type and severity.