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When we think about ageing, we instantly think of wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines but what we don’t think of is neck and hand ageing. Neck and hands are in fact, few of the first places that show signs of ageing mainly because the thin around our necks are so thin and both, the neck as well as our hands are always ignored compared to our faces.

What is neck ageing and what causes it?

Age starts to show first on the neck mainly because of the very thin layer of skin around it. Neck also has fewer oil glands compared to the rest of the body which is how it quickly starts to lose elasticity as you grow older. “Turkey neck” is a commonly used term to describe what happens to our neck when we start showing signs of ageing there. Essentially what happens is you start to lose elasticity and volume, making your skin around your neck sag and loosen. This creates loose skin flaps making your neck appear like a turkey’s neck.

There are two main factors that can cause neck ageing:

  1. Sun exposure can cause severe damage to the skin and often we forget to protect our neck as carefully as we protect our face.
  2. Loss of elasticity due to the natural ageing process can cause the skin around the neck to sag and create folds.

What is hand ageing and what causes it?

Our hands are exposed the most to outside elements especially since we also put them to so much work. Unfortunately, not many recognize the signs of ageing that our hands start to show until it is a little too late. Our hands actually start showing signs of ageing in our 20s but we only start to notice the wrinkles and sagging of the skin on our hands in our 30s or even 40s. The elasticity of the skin on our hands, as well as the production of collagen, begins to reduce, making the skin on our hands look and feel more fragile.

There are several factors that could cause hand ageing apart from age itself:

  1. Sun exposure without any proper care or protection over many years, can lead to brown sun spots, irregular pigmentation, thinning of the skin and wrinkles
  2. Routine habits like hand washing, doing the dishes, cleaning with certain chemicals can seriously dry out your hands leading to an acceleration in the ageing process.
  3. Certain medical conditions or genetic factors can also be responsible for thinning, sagging skin on your hands.
hand and neck ageing

How to treat neck and hand ageing

Even if you’ve ignored your neck and hands your whole life, certain lifestyle changes, habits, products, and treatments can help restore a youthful look and prevent your neck and hands from revealing your age.

To understand in-depth about all the non-invasive, non-surgical treatment options as well as surgical options, please contact us and our experts will personally guide you through the anti-ageing treatments.