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Who wouldn’t want healthy, glowing skin! But maintaining that level of skin radiance is very difficult, although not impossible. In order to help regain the lustre to your skin, it is very important to understand what causes skin dullness and the necessary steps in order to recover from this.

Causes of skin dullness

There are a number of factors that cause skin dullness, ranging from medical issues to just pure environmental elements. Some of these things are in our control while for others, we can only take preventive measures and care for our skin better.

  1. Ageing is the most obvious cause of skin dullness. As we grow older, our body’s ability to produce new surface cells, as well as shed the dead cells, slows down. This causes the dead cells to accumulate on the surface making the skin appear dull.
  2. It’s clear that dead skin can cause our skin to appear dull however, it is important to note that ageing is not the only factor that causes dead skin build-up. Pollution, poor makeup removal habits, poor skin-care habits, not washing the face regularly, not exfoliating, can all cause the dead skin cells to build upon the surface.
  3. Stress can wreak havoc with your health and it can start to show on your skin.
  4. If your skin lacks moisture and you have dry skin, it can also make you appear dull. People living in drier regions with very little humidity also experience dry skin and if it is not properly moisturized regularly, it can cause dullness.
  5. Poor sleeping habits can also cause your skin to dull over time.
  6. Smoking can also cause the skin to dull over time. Carcinogens in cigarettes cause the skin cells and collagen to breakdown and could make your skin appear waxy, saggy, dry and wrinkled.
skin dullness treatment

How to treat dullness?

No one wants to look dull, pale, dry. Some basic home remedies can help you stay youthful and glowing but in case your skin dullness is more deep-rooted, and requires clinical intervention, we, at PHI Clinic will help you reach a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Some remedies to treat dullness:

  1. Drinking plenty of water, and staying hydrated helps keep our skin healthy from the inside, which is very important for the skin to appear healthy on the outside.
  2. Eating a healthy diet, with sufficient anti-oxidants, vitamins and avoiding caffeinated drinks can help keep our skin healthy, moisturized, and hydrated.
  3. If you smoke, quitting smoking is a place to start in your skin recovery journey.
  4. Protect your skin from sun exposure and keep moisturizing your skin with topical creams or moisturizers.

Apart from these methods, a lot of our anti-ageing treatments involve non-invasive treatment options that can help improve blood microcirculation. To understand in-depth what treatment plan works best for your skin type, please contact us and our experts will personally guide you through our holistic treatments targeting skin dullness.