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The body you are born with, and the body structure you develop over the years remain with you throughout your lifetime. Sometimes, however, some people want to change how their body looks and feels. With exercise, some people try to change their appearance, while some others want to lose weight and give it some structure. More or less, however, your body shape will be determined by the way your bones are structured and the way your fat and skin fall around those bones. With technology and advancement in science, however, it is becoming possible to change the way your body is shaped and structured, through certain cosmetic procedures.

When to opt for cosmetic procedures for body shape and structure?

Who needs the cosmetic procedures for body shape and structure, depends on what you are looking for in your body. A few different types of body parts and reasons that people might want to enhance, change or redefine are:

  • Your face is often the first thing people notice about you and therefore a lot of people would want to get their face structure just right.
  • People who lose a lot of weight end up with a lot of flabby, saggy skin and are the ones who would focus on body reshaping and restructuring.
  • Athletic people or models or those in people-facing roles who want a toned body could also be the ones who’d opt for such procedures.
  • Some people whose body fat is disproportionately distributed would want to opt for procedures that correct this, making their body structure more uniform.
  • A very popular cosmetic procedure is breast augmentation or reduction.
  • For people whose medical conditions or accidents have affected or altered their body shape, might want body restructuring and reshaping.
body shape and structure

Different cosmetic procedures for body shape and structure

At PHI Clinic, we offer a variety of FDA-approved cosmetic procedures that target body shape and structure that range from minimally invasive to invasive, surgical procedures. We also focus on lifestyle and dietary changes as well as medications as sole solutions or in conjunction with the cosmetic procedures, as part of our holistic cosmetic solutions. Some of our cosmetic procedures for body shape and structure are as follows:

  • Breast lift is a procedure that is surgical, yet minimally invasive, to augment breasts and make them firmer, while giving them a new contour aesthetically.
  • Fat transfer involves removing excess fat from one area and placing it in another area where it is needed. This procedure is minimally invasive, surgical and usually takes the fat from thighs, buttocks, or belly, through liposuction.
  • Abdominal Etching, also known as six-pack liposculpture, a procedure meant for already athletic, healthy individuals, uses liposuction equipment to remove excess fat and contour out the abdominal area. Then, through small incisions, permanent removal of fat hiding the muscles is done. This makes your abs look chiseled without going through a rigorous workout.

Other procedures like face contouring, body lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, could also be used individually, or with another procedure, to give you the desired body shape and structure.