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Baggy under-eyes or bags appearing under eyes are a very common sign of ageing. With age, the tissues surrounding the eyes along with some muscles that support eyelids, start to weaken and sag. The fat that usually supports the eyes, can now shift due to loss of skin, into the lower eyelids, causing the lids to appear puffy. Fluid retention might also happen in the space below your eyes, adding to the puffiness and swelling.

Apart from age, there are some other factors that might contribute to causing bags under the eyes.

  • Smoking
  • Certain allergies
  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Hereditary

Most of the time these bags are harmless and not painful however in the extreme cases that it does get painful, itchy, or even reddens, it might be indicative of a deeper, underlying issue.

bags under eyes treatment

What are the treatments for baggy under-eyes?

A lot of times, under-eye bags could go down to normalcy with simple home remedies like proper sleep routine, avoiding fluids before going to bed, avoiding salty food before going to bed, quitting smoking, trying to address allergies that cause this puffiness, etc. But with baggy under-eyes that are caused as a result of ageing these remedies alone might not always be sufficient. This is where we, at PHI Clinic, come in to help you deal with those puffy under-eye bags. We offer several holistic treatment approaches some of which are as follows:

  • Laser resurfacing, in which the damaged topmost layer of the skin is completely removed, and the middle layer is tightened as a result of this, to make the skin healthier and younger. This could be a treatment option to opt for, to treat the under-eye bags.
  • Chemical peels, that encourage rejuvenation of the skin by exfoliating the skin surface and to make it look more even and younger, are a treatment option to address under-eye bags.
  • Derma fillers help diminish any unevenness of the skin by smoothening the skin surface. They help in restoring the volume and fullness in the face where the skin tissue has reduced and the skin has sagged, thus tightening the skin and making it appear tauter.

At PHI Clinic, we will help you understand in-depth all the treatment options ranging from non-invasive, non-surgical to surgical options. Reach out to us for more details and our experts will personally guide you through your treatment options for baggy under-eyes.